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What are the different categories of template messages?

Your WhatsApp message templates must fall into one of the following categories. Templates that do not align clearly with these template types are more likely to be rejected by WhatsApp.

  • Utility: Send account updates, order updates, alerts, and more to share important information.
    Example: Dear 1, You recently registered with us as a customer. Just letting you  know that your account registration was successful. Thanks for joining!
  • Authentication: Send codes that allow your customers to securely access their accounts and perform financial transactions.
    Example: Your login code for your account is 1.
  • Marketing: Send promotional offers, product announcements, and more to increase awareness and engagement. (always important to get explicit Opt-in from the customer first)

    Example: Hello 1. We have recently launched our new range of casual wear Shop now to avail 15% discount. Offer valid till 15th Oct.  

The numbers  indicate variables that are automatically filled in from your database.